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Articles from Clément Hannicq

Size Matters: Compressing Images Using Google’s Guetzli

May 23, 2017Clément Hannicq3 min read

This article has been translated in russian here. As you may already know, the average web page is now heavier than Doom. One of the reasons for this increase is the weight of images, and the need to support higher resolutions. Google to the Rescue Google just published a new JPEG compression…

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How Floats Will Sink Your App

October 28, 2016Clément Hannicq2 min read

Floats We use computers every day to solve mathematical issues, from how much taxes should I apply to my users’ basket to computing next week’s weather forecast. Solving most of those problems is nowhere near easy, and would be harder still if we didn’t use mathematics to reason, represent and…

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