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Articles from Clément Escolano

Improve Your Website Security in 5 Minutes With These HTTP Headers

December 04, 2017Clément Escolano8 min read

By default, a lot of security flaws are introduced when you create a website. A few HTTP headers added in your web server configuration can prevent basic but powerful attacks on your website. If you really have only 5 minutes, you can skip to the end and copy-paste the few lines in your server…

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How to Load Your React Application Twice as Fast With Isomorphic Application

February 24, 2017Clément Escolano5 min read

How to improve the speed of a React application? React is an incredible framework. You may have already learnt it from another post. However, it is a client-side framework and as such, it has a few drawbacks: search bots do not see the page content * a user with disabled javascript cannot see the…

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