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Articles from Clément Escolano

RisXSS, the missing ESLint rule for React and Vue

July 05, 2021Clément Escolano2 min read


XSS attacks are expected to be ranked 3rd in the OWASP Top 10, compared to their 7th rank in 2021 (source). The pace of application creations is increasing and so is the surface of attacks, so making your applications secure is more and more challenging and needed. React and Vue are some of the most…

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Improve Your Website Security in 5 Minutes With These HTTP Headers

December 04, 2017Clément Escolano6 min read

By default, a lot of security flaws are introduced when you create a website. A few HTTP headers added in your web server configuration can prevent basic but powerful attacks on your website. If you really have only 5 minutes, you can skip to the end and copy-paste the few lines in your server…

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How to Load Your React Application Twice as Fast With Isomorphic Application

February 24, 2017Clément Escolano4 min read

How to improve the speed of a React application? React is an incredible framework. You may have already learnt it from another post. However, it is a client-side framework and as such, it has a few drawbacks: search bots do not see the page content * a user with disabled javascript cannot see the…

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