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Articles from Chloé Caron

How to build an Anomaly Detector using BigQuery

Chloé Caron15 min read

Bigquery logo with collection of numbers

Bad data quality can arise in any type of data, be it numerical, textual or other. As we saw in the last article of this series, LLMs like OpenAI are quite effective at detecting anomalies in textual data. However, the…

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Step-by-Step Guide to building an Anomaly Detector using a LLM

Chloé Caron13 min read

Robot finding anomaly in shapes

You’ve probably heard about the importance of data quality being shouted from every rooftop. Bad data is a recipe for disaster. Certain companies have specialised in finding anomalies in your data and flagging it, much like Sifflet and Elementary. But…

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Bad data quality or lack of data utilisation: how to avoid a 12% revenue hit

Chloé Caron7 min read

Laptop showing a dashboard for a fictional company

Data comes from an endless list of sources, whether it be active and searching (e.g. use of sensors, collection of user data) or passive and an ‘added bonus’ (e.g. product sales, customer service emails). Data tells us a lot about…

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Bringing the client closer to their product using Contentful

Chloé Caron8 min read

Contentful logo

You need to make sure that your website content keeps up-to-date with changing designs and client requirements. The trade-off? This often impacts developer time. Small changes, like adjusting an image or a piece of text, seem like a 10-minute job. In reality, they…

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