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Articles from Cédric Kui

How I stopped using Bootstrap's layout thanks to CSS Grid

March 25, 2018Cédric Kui5 min read

Why did I stop using Bootstrap? Bootstrap is too verbose: you need plenty of div even if you only have a couple of blocks in your layout Things get even worse when you add responsiveness... ... or when you want to move your blocks around Bootstrap's grids are limited to 12 columns By default…

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Extend the Algolia Search Bundle to Multiple Databases

November 24, 2016Cédric Kui4 min read

Creating a search engine from scratch may be tricky and lengthy. That is why, when I wanted to implement one in my Symfony app, I chose to use Algolia through its SaaS model. Thanks to their Symfony bundle, I managed to map my Person and Company entities from my main database to their indexes with a…

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