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Articles from Brian Azizi

How to Add Touch ID to Your React Native App

April 04, 2018Brian Azizi7 min read

Most modern smart phones have a built-in fingerprint sensor. On iOS, this feature is called Touch ID whereas on Android, it is generally referred to as "Fingerprint Authentication". People most commonly use it to unlock their device by simply pressing their finger on the fingerprint sensor. It is a…

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How to Setup a Software VPN between your AWS Platform and a Third-Party Corporate Network

January 12, 2018Brian Azizi9 min read

Some third-parties only allow you to call their APIs if you are inside their network. This can make life difficult if your application is hosted on AWS. The solution is to create a site-to-site VPN connection between your AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and the third-party's corporate network. There…

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