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Articles from Brendan Daoud

React: Fantastic Hooks and How to Use Them

May 02, 2019Brendan Daoud6 min read

A couple months ago, React hooks were officially released, the hype was high and we decided to put them to the test on a project. Here is what I learnt and why I strongly advise you to give them a try also. What are those? Let's begin the tour with the basics: what are React hooks? React has a very…

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WebGl from Scratch

April 01, 2019Brendan Daoud10 min read

Hey people! Do you feel like drawing stuff? Today, let's explore the depth of WebGl and draw a little square in a canvas. What is WebGl, you ask? Well it's part of the native HTML5 and JS API (meaning you don't need any library to use) that allows you to draw in the browser using the GPU. Cool isn't…

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