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Articles from Aurore Malherbes

Prevent command with a specific option to be run on your server

Aurore Malherbes2 min read

One week ago, our production server was down for a few seconds because of the command supervisorctl reload had restarted the server. Thus, I made some research to prevent the command to be run again with the reload option. The first clue…

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Become a better developer with an efficient technical watch

Aurore Malherbes3 min read

Besides side projects, technical watch (reading articles, watching talks, listening to podcast) is the best way to discover new technologies, to learn useful technical tips, to improve your methodology and so on. Technical Watch is like Devops: you have to be equipped…

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Push to production three times faster with the right git workflow

Aurore Malherbes5 min read

On the project I work, we needed to deploy in production several times a day, for business purposes, but the deployments took one and half hours. Indeed, we are several teams working along with the Scrum methodology, so our product…

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