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Articles from Arohan Subramonia

Get started with Django and Jupyter Notebooks on VSCode in minutes

December 17, 2020Arohan Subramonia9 min read

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This is a guide primarily for developers familiar with Django, looking to add a data analytics or data science element to their web development project. Don't have much time and comfortable with Jupyter? Click here to see the initializer file you should create + import into every python script you…

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A Guide to Syncing Django and Stripe with Webhooks

March 12, 2020Arohan Subramonia4 min read

This guide is for developers who have basic familiarity with Django, and Stripe Subscriptions with Elements (not Stripe Checkout). If you're unfamiliar with these, do check the links. Subscriptions with Elements Stripe has a great overview explaining how their subscriptions API works. Once you begin…

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How To Set Up Your Django Models For Stripe Subscriptions

March 05, 2020Arohan Subramonia7 min read

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Stripe is a third party API that specialises in providing a quick and easy to scale payments infrastructure for the internet. As of December 2020, Stripe lets you implement payment processing on your platform in the form of one time payments, subscription services, billing services and much more…

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