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Articles from Albéric Trancart

Logging uWSGI errors and alarms to Sentry

February 02, 2022Albéric Trancart1 min read

uWSGI and Sentry logos

If you already use Sentry to manage your application errors and uWSGI as a WSGI server for your Python project (such as Flask or Django), you are one step away to improve your monitoring setup in a matter of minutes. It is important to do so: even if you have Sentry configured for your app, if the…

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Improve accessibility on your Angular Apps with Jasmine and Axe

March 22, 2021Albéric TrancartEmyly Vo1 min read

At Theodo, we have multiple projects using Angular and we are currently focusing on building more accessible websites. (learn more about a11y) We had an experience with Axe and jest-axe on other React projects, and we wanted something similar for Jasmine, the test framework on the Angular project…

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Web Accessibility Check Using the RGAA Guidelines

November 08, 2019Albéric Trancart8 min read

Web accessibility (a11y) can be a little disorienting for everyday developers. Here is a practical, down-to-earth guide with examples to help you make your websites more inclusive and comply with legislation. Why is accessibility important? There are three main reasons why you should make your apps…

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Write Better CSS: From Hell to Heaven (Part 1)

June 25, 2018Albéric Trancart12 min read

Through my experiences, I encountered many fellow coworkers that found CSS code painful to write, edit and maintain. For some people, writing CSS is a chore. One of the reasons for that may be that they have never been properly taught how to write good CSS in the first place, nor what is good CSS…

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Symfony 3.0 is out!

December 03, 2015Albéric Trancart3 min read

A new major version is always exciting: when it comes to one of our favorite frameworks like Symfony, it’s Christmas come early for developers. But is is also worrisome. Will my application break? Will I have to rewrite half of my code? Don’t panic! We will go through the 3.0 major version changes…

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How I stopped worrying and learned to love the CSS with BEM

October 05, 2015Albéric Trancart8 min read

CSS coding should not be a pain in the neck. At some point, most developers notice that they avoid writing CSS and that it has an impact on their efficiency and on the code quality, which is unacceptable. It recently happened to me so I decided to tackle this issue. I stopped, took a deep breath and…

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