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Articles from Adèle Gauvrit

Write tests for humans

September 07, 2020Adèle Gauvrit6 min read

Let me tell you the story of the day I almost quit testing my code altogether. For the tenth times this week, the CI failed with this cryptic error message "Received value does not match stored snapshot" and a diff that looked something like: It felt pointless to fix this test : why does it matter…

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How to Synchronize your Style Guide from Figma to CSS in One Click

January 17, 2020Adèle Gauvrit8 min read

I have set-up an automatic pipeline to share our design system's style guide: from Figma with a homemade plugin on which our designers work to our web apps on which developers work I'd like to share with you why I think this is awesome and how it will improve our collaboration. Then I'll get into…

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