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How DUOLAB uses artificial intelligence to improve your skin

Sarah Hamilton4 min read

For a long time people (including myself) have used the same skin care routine everyday. Only occasionally do we switch up our products for a different brand. The creams are opened and resealed multiple times a week, resulting in the products containing preservatives and other unnatural ingredients to prevent them spoiling. Innovative new start-up Duolab aims to improve the way we do skincare, their slogan being

‘Your life is no routine. Why would your skin care be?’

In November 2019 I started working for Theodo UK, a London-based software development agency which delivers bespoke web and mobile solutions for both start-ups and world-renowned clients alike. I was very excited to hear that my first project would be working within a scrum team to deliver DUOLAB’s web and mobile application to accompany the launch of their cutting-edge skincare product. Having a strong interest in skincare myself, I was satisfied with the project I was about to embark on!

Everybody’s online presence and engagement is more important than ever given the current Coronavirus pandemic and home lockdown! DUOLAB is ahead of the curve by creating a future proof product to personalise your skin care without the need of a dermatologist or a shop assistant to provide a recommendation. You’re now able to improve your skin from the comfort of your own home.

DUOLAB’s artificial intelligence (AI)-driven personalised skin care is revolutionising the way we care for our skin. Unlike traditional skincare treatments, DUOLAB utilises an AI skin diagnostic tool within its mobile app to calculate a tailored, personalised skincare protocol.


The DUOLAB device blends a suitable combination of a moisturising base and a targeted concentrate which has been recommended to the customer by the skin diagnostic tool. The skin diagnostic process begins with a guided selfie which is inputted into the AI model. The AI assesses various skin traits, such as blemishes and wrinkles, which gives rise to more accurate recommendations than ever before. The selfie is followed by a short quiz which further determines the base-concentrate combination.


Your skin changes over time, so customers can retake the skin diagnostic when they choose - this will give them an up to date recommendation.

Theodo UK’s comprehensive technology stack allows us to approach a broad range of clients with solutions to their business needs and problems. In the development of the DUOLAB mobile app, we used Facebook’s React Native framework to create a cross-platform, native app with an excellent user experience. Our use of Amazon web services (AWS) for hosting the mobile app and website was crucial in getting the project set up and running quickly. AWS gave us the reliability and flexibility that we needed to build our products with confidence.


Our best-in-class products and quick turnaround time are testament to our position in the global start-up studio, M33. Theodo’s M33 association enables us to leverage our relationships with other M33 companies to diversify our final product offerings. During the DUOLAB project, we worked alongside fellow M33 companies, Sicara and BAM Mobile Limited, who were responsible for the skin AI analysis and mobile app designs respectively. The shared philosophies of the seven M33 companies has enabled them to develop a robust, synergistic relationship which is capable of tackling the digital needs of modern companies.

In January 2020, DUOLAB introduced their skincare solution to the world at CES® 2020 in Las Vegas - ‘The global stage for innovation’. The mobile app was demonstrated to consumers before its launch and it was well received.

Since then DUOLAB has launched the product, mobile app and website within the UK. The products are on sale in selected L’Occitane stores and on the DUOLAB website. Given the current situation, DUOLAB has adapted to the needs of the consumer in a time when many other competitors haven’t. I hope that you can take these lessons from DUOLAB and stay ahead of the curve.

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