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NestJS-admin alpha released!

Sam Bunce2 min read

What is NestJS Admin?

For the past few weeks, a team at Theodo has been building nestjs-admin, a new library that automatically generates an administration interface for a NestJS project. We already wrote a post about what we’re doing and why.

We’ve built a lot on Django in the past, and its admin tool is one of the reasons we choose to use it often. We believe that NestJS is the future and want to bridge the gap between it and a mature framework like Django. nestjs-admin will bring clear benefits to our NestJS projects, and by working with open source, the benefit can be shared with the NestJS community.

What’s new?

After a few weeks of work with a dedicated team, we recently released the alpha version of the library! While all the features we’re dreaming of aren’t there yet, it includes the basic CRUD operations and built-in authentication.

The alpha version is now an npm install nestjs-admin away (NPM link). Full installation and setup instructions are available in the documentation on the Github repo. Give nestjs-admin a try on your project!

Features of nestjs-admin


See all your entities in one place

List instances of entitities easily

Edit entities at the click of a button

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