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How I started devouring my whales daily

Flavian Hautbois2 min read

Or, how I got started with todo lists after failing again and again

Where is your whale in your life? Do you feel overwhelmed in your personal life or at work? This is it. Sometimes your whale gets lighter; this is when you go on holidays, this is on Friday night before a good week-end. But most of the time you curse at your work or you are angry at your colleague Billy for interrupting you all day long. But there is a way out, and I can lead the way. My goal was to form a new habit of throwing my whale into a todo list. It seems crazy that writing things down makes you more efficient than keeping everything in your mind, but it works. I was introduced to this concept by the most productive writer on productivity that I know of, Brian Tracy, in his books Eat That Frog, Getting Things Done, and in this short video. Yet I kept struggling with actually applying those concepts to my daily life. In this article, I want to describe my first successful step into setting a habit of pouring my whale in writings so that you can get inspired in doing the same, because writing down all my “Oh I should do this” all the time has been transformative for me.

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