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Read this book: "High Output Management"

Sam Parlett2 min read

There are relatively few books which I have found valuable enough to re-read, and “High Output Management”, by Andy Grove, the ex-president of Intel, is one of them. It is my objective in this article to get one Theodoer to read this book. So if you do, please let me know!

In order to encourage you to read the book, here I outline 3 points from it that you may find interesting:

Choose the right type of indicator! Grove talks about the importance of choosing the right indicators, two types of which, I outline below:

Motivate before training!

Grove notes that training is only effective to the degree that people are motivated, so motivate first and provide training second. He points out that self-actualisation, or “what I can be, I must be”, is the highest form of motivation, and he believes this to be underpinned by either being competence (process) or achievement (outcome) driven.

Coach people as individuals!

Grove argues strongly for regular scheduled one to ones between coach and coachee. He argues that they produce a totally different type of interaction that a casual phone call and are important to address big issues and to improve the output of the coachee. He also points out that coaching should  be different depending on the task-relevant maturity of the coachee:

Would I recommend this book? Yes, absolutely.

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