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Florian Rival1 min read

When my friend Cyril and I arrived at Theodo, we were amazed to see that although everybody knew we were big into the open-source scene, nobody here really knew about each other’s actual contributions. And these guys play cards every day!


Cyril and me at Theodo

Since we heavily rely on open source initiatives for all of our projects, and contribute to these projects to enhance, fix or provide new features, we thought it’d be a good idea to show it … and share everything with our followers. So we decided to set up a page with all the relevant information : contributions, speeches and the conferences we sponsored. It’s simply called and, I quote our friends here “it’s awesome”.

The list is automatically updated once a day: we rely on to get everything about the open source projects of our developers. Some of them still have to register but we already have quite a lot to show.
Technically, we used angular.js for the interface, it’s amazing how simple and powerful it was to use for our project. And single page apps are so nice! For fetching the data, we use Node.js: it was perfect for our use and blazing fast to setup.

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