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Antoine Gruzelle is a Theodoer

Guillaume Dedrie1 min read

We’re super excited to welcome Antoine Gruzelle to dev team!

Thanks to being a true card player shark, he now thrives to be our pro poker planner. He can focus and control his adrenaline to tackle any difficulty that might rise in his upcoming challenges - be it programming or, well, anything in fact.

As a matter of fact, just days after he joined, he showed us what he’s made of by winning Theodo’s first table tennis tournament!

So when he seems to be struggling hard, don’t believe that he is overwhelmed…
He’s probably bluffing and waiting for the best moment to play his ace!

Fun facts:

Antoine Gruzelle

If you are interested in steganography or in treasure hunting, do download his picture and find some easter eggs!

Welcome, Antoine!

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