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Theodo at the SymfonyCon 2013 in Warsaw

Antoine Haguenauer2 min read

A year ago, 14 brave Theodoers were in Berlin for the Symfony Live 2012. This time, 42(!) of us joined the very best of the Symfony Community at the SymfonyCon 2013 in Warsaw during which we didn’t have any time to wonder about the meaning of life, the universe and everything.


For three days, the very best specialists of Symfony gathered, discussed and attended conferences on technical, process-related and business innovations in the Symfony ecosystem. Many developers and fellows Symfonists from all over Europe - and even further - enjoyed their stop at the Theodo stand, drawn by the delicious smell of hot waffles. They had a chance to get acquainted with the expertise and dynamism Theodo fosters and the amazing atmosphere in our team of Jedis.


On the second evening, all of us Theododers found themselves sipping exceptional cocktails at the Syreny Wpiew and partying all night long. Early the next day, the bravest went for a Hackathon session along with other Symfony specialists. Meanwhile, the others, Theodo hats on the head and hoodies on the shoulders, ventured into town. The Phoenix City had dressed up most elegantly for the occasion.


The assessment after 4 days : 16 conferences, 347 contacts, 278 light sabers given away, 1367 waffles, 687 cocktails, 126 litres of beer, 8 bottles of vodka, 1 of champagne et 1 lost tshirt.


Theodo will see you all Symfonists next year in Madrid !


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