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Theodo spoke at sfPot Paris

Simon Constans1 min read

Tuesday, May 14 was held on the monthly Symfony community meetings - sfPot. We were invited to Pépinière 27 by Yoopies. As usual two talks were given and the discussions have continued in a bar.

The first lecture was a request from the community. We were asked to speak a little about tests, and Marek responded for the call. He gave a talk about the philosophy of tests in Symfony2. Value of Unit Tests and TDD in a project and he explained how simple is it to write unit tests leveraging the power of Phake - a framework for writing mocks. You can find the slides here.

The second talk, by Alexander Salomé from SensioLabs, was an introduction to Symfony2 Forms. His talk was rich in real life examples and very well prepared. It covered the basics but there was also a lot of use cases interesting even for experienced developers.

Many thanks to AFSY for organizing the event, and see you next month!

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