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Theodo is growing!

September 03, 2012Benjamin Grandfond1 min read

When I started working at Theodo, in october 2009 (indeed, nearly 3 years ago :)), we were 6 people. Now, Theodo is an awesome team of 20 theodoers[1], each with a different profile (still working hard ;)), and many more will be coming in the next months. Our current office, at Rue Notre Dame des Victoires in Paris, is already too small! That is why, by the end of september, we will move to our new gigantic place at Boulevard des Batignolles. Yes I wrote "gigantic" because we are not used to large places like this:

  • 2 floors:
    • 1st floor: 120m2
    • 2nd floor: 300m2 (our tv will be too small!)
  • 48 places for developers
  • 2 open spaces
  • 3 meeting rooms
  • a large caféteria with seats to take coffee and discuss
  • ...

We will be able to receive some sfpot meetups or php rendez-vous with a lot of attendees!

Finally, you may have noticed that a large part of this place will be empty at first so you (yes, you, brilliant PHP developer) must apply, as we are recruiting ;)