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More with symfony: a whole chapter devoted to the sfFacebookConnect Plugin

December 02, 2009Fabrice Bernhard1 min read

December just started, and with it its usual christmas spirit, Santa Claus, happy children and.... the symfony advent calendar!

This year the symfony advent calendar is a collection of articles written by different symfony experts:

and is already available as a book on Amazon!

I had the chance to contribute and write an article on developing for Facebook with symfony. This was the perfect occasion to finally sit down and write 15 pages on the experience I gathered on this specific subject. I had already collected it in the sfFacebookConnect plugin but it was lacking documentation. Well here it is finally! At least on Amazon and in a few days as part of the new symfony advent calendar.

Enjoy and do not hesitate to make a critical feedback, the article will be included with the plugin and can still evolve a lot!