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sfEasyGMapPlugin 1.0.4 out

Fabrice Bernhard2 min read

sfEasyGMapPlugin 1.0.4 is out and the good news is : the plugin is the 24th most used symfony plugin among the 457 available on ! We are now 5 official developers, not counting all the developers I work with who contribute indirectly.

It all started because I was amazed by the success of the Phoogle library on the Internet despite its limited number of functionalities. And since almost all my projects involved a Google Map I wanted to create a plugin containing all the core functionalities I always reuse. Now I am happy to see the popularity of the plugin and am looking forward further possible developments that will continue in the spirit of including as many core functionalities of Google Maps-based application in the plugin.

New functionalities for the moment include :

Please, feel free to suggest what you consider typical core functionalities of your Google Maps-based applications.

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