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Learn how to implement VAT for your e-commerce website with Sylius in 6 minutes

Fabien Charlier8 min read

Learn how to implement VAT for your e-commerce website with Sylius in 6 minutes

If you are using Sylius for your e-commerce website, then you will inevitably come across the subject of Value Added Tax (VAT). As a software engineer at Theodo, I have spent countless hours customizing every one of its aspects, for…

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Journeying to zero accessibility issues with Angular Testing Library

Flora Soussand7 min read

I truly believe that web accessibility is crucial for creating products for everyone. I want to improve the accessibility of my project because I want to ensure equal access for everyone. To improve accessibility, we address some of the issues upon…

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Event Sourcing? What, why, how in 5 minutes

Arthur Naudy7 min read

Event Sourcing? What, why, how in 5 minutes

Event sourcing is an architectural pattern that provides a highly comprehensible audit trail. Tracking patient medical data, tracking transactions for financial services to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, or tracking the movement of goods in a supply chain process… Event sourcing…

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To refactor or not to refactor ? That is the question.

Clément Roger7 min read

planning a refactoring

Being a developer, there's something satisfying about creating clean, efficient code. But let's face it, in the real world of software development, we often deal with less-than-ideal solutions. This is where refactoring comes into play – a chance for us…

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Effective nodejs version management for the busy developer

Jérémie Chauvel2 min read

I highly recommend setting up nodejs with a version manager, nvm was and still is a popular option, however, I now recommend and have been using fnm, a simpler and faster alternative to manage my nodejs versions. Install a nodejs version…

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How to build an Anomaly Detector using BigQuery

Chloé Caron15 min read

Bigquery logo with collection of numbers

Bad data quality can arise in any type of data, be it numerical, textual or other. As we saw in the last article of this series, LLMs like OpenAI are quite effective at detecting anomalies in textual data. However, the…

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How to boost your database performances under JPA part 1: @Index 📖

Hugo Brunet6 min read

CEO chilling on a chair with data on a background screen

TL;DR: I will present you how the use of an ORM and its given tools - here @Index - can boost your application’s performance thanks to the illustration of a booming business and its scale’s related issues 🚀 Introduction to Object-Relational…

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AWS Quick Tip: Optimizing Cloud Costs with Conditional Infrastructure

Peter Speak3 min read

Illustration of cloud development stacks recycling costly infrastructure

As developers, having a development environment that is as close as possible to the production environment is key for faster iteration. It gives us assurance that if something “works on my machine”, it will also work in production as well…

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Harnessing the Power of Business Intelligence in the Modern Era

Freddie Woods8 min read

business intelligence dashboard

As we navigate our way through the fourth industrial revolution, the abundance of powerful technologies and data is re-defining the way we work. Managers and decision-makers now need to make quick, impactful decisions to remain competitive. As a result companies…

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Step-by-Step Guide to building an Anomaly Detector using a LLM

Chloé Caron13 min read

Robot finding anomaly in shapes

You’ve probably heard about the importance of data quality being shouted from every rooftop. Bad data is a recipe for disaster. Certain companies have specialised in finding anomalies in your data and flagging it, much like Sifflet and Elementary. But…

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