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Articles from Nicolas Ngô-Maï

Set Up Continuous Deployment on Electron Using Squirrel

May 16, 2017Nicolas Ngô-Maï8 min read

If you are a web developer, you would be amazed by the possibilities that a desktop application offers. Just give a look at the applications listed on electron website to have a quick glance of the infinite opportunities offered by such a technology. Few key features: Access to the filesystem (see…

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Use git, ssh and npm on windows with Git Bash

January 24, 2017Nicolas Ngô-Maï4 min read

If you are used to develop on Linux and you have to suddenly switch back to Windows for a particular project, it can be really painful to use native tools like putty or power shell to develop. Don't worry, there are plenty of solutions to make things right. For example, you could work on a Linux…

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How To Deploy your Flask Application On Offline Servers

November 18, 2016Nicolas Ngô-Maï2 min read

Recently, we had to migrate our 22 Flask micro-services to new servers. As automatic deployment was implemented for all of these, we thought it would be done in a glimpse. What a surprise when we connected to the servers and realized that they were totally isolated from the internet! No git clone…

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