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Articles from Loïc Gelle

How Web Developers Can Be Excellent Web Designers

August 30, 2016Loïc Gelle6 min read

You want to know how you can move from this design... this new one in two weeks in your project? This article aims at giving you precise guidelines on how to build a custom-made interface without any - conscious - prior knowledge of design. Let’s get started! 1. Spot the Need A great design…

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How to Turn a Horrible Spreadsheet Into Clean Calculation Code

July 22, 2016Loïc Gelle9 min read

Implementing complex calculations in a project can be quite tricky, especially when your only calculation model is a gigantic spreadsheet full of horrible formulas. The aim of this article is to guide you through the construction of a clean and functional calculation code starting from such a…

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