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Articles from Laurent Bachelier

Testing emails in a safe way

June 30, 2011Laurent Bachelier1 min read

Fear you will send the unwanted emails to other people when testing your software? If you use Postfix, you can follow these simple steps: Put into /etc/postfix/ smtp_generic_maps = regexp:/etc/postfix/generic And into /etc/postfix/generic: /.*/ Reload postfix (this…

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Transferring read-protected files with rsync and sudo

January 18, 2011Laurent Bachelier1 min read

This issue might be familiar to some of you: you have ssh access to a server with sudo rights on it and you want to transfer files with rsync. However, since these files are not directly accessible from your ssh user (because they belong to some other user), the rsync fails with rsync: mkstemp "XXX…

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Symfttpd: symfony's long-awaited lightweight server

December 10, 2010Laurent Bachelier3 min read

A project is never finished, and at Theodo we often have to quickly alter a project, in a small way. The issue is that the time required to having the project ready on a developer's machine can be greater that the time required to do the the rest! But worse, setting up a project is boring. This is…

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