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Articles from Jérémy Gotteland

Get Straight to MVP using Chatbots (and Algolia) (Part 2)

April 06, 2017Jérémy Gotteland5 min read

In my first article, I talked about creating an MVP with a Chatbot and showed an example with Cinebot But getting the bot up and running wasn't enough. It needed to be able to search complex data from text and location queries sent by the user through Messenger. So I started to look for a cheap and…

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Get Straight to MVP with Chatbots (Part 1)

October 11, 2016Jérémy Gotteland6 min read

When we design a product at Theodo, we follow the Lean Startup methodology. Which means we try to ship a Minimum Viable Product for our clients as soon as possible, and then iterate on this product using final user feedback in order to avoid developing useless features. This methodology implies…

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