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Articles from Hugo Lime

Protect your git branches with Husky

July 02, 2018Hugo Lime1 min read

tl:dr To add a pre-commit git hook with Husky: Install Husky with npm install husky --save-dev Set the pre-commit command in your package.json: What are git hooks? Git hooks are scripts launched when carrying out some git actions. The most common one is the pre-commit hook that runs when performing…

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Speed up Vagrant Synced Folders

July 11, 2017Hugo Lime2 min read

Do you wish your vagrant synced folders to have better performance? Especially if your host machine is running Linux. Here are some tricks to speed it up. Set up a synced folder Vagrant is a convenient tool for quickly setting up your dev server, with just one vagrant up from the command-line, every…

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