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Articles from Francisco Costa

Installing native modules in the EAS build process

January 16, 2023Francisco Costa19 min read

Laptop with Code

A step by step guide on how to write your own Expo plugin for a project that requires native dependencies that arent included in Expo. Suitable for developers who are interested in writting their own plugin or facing problems adding native dependencies to the EAS CI. Furthermore, the main example in…

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Increasing user acquisition by 15% through experiments on the onboarding funnel

June 15, 2022Francisco Costa6 min read

User Acquisition Magnet

A summary of my findings while helping a business increase their user acquisition by performing modifications and experiments to their onboarding funnel. A increase of ~15% was seen when synchronous email verification was removed from the flow, this however did come at the cost of a few risks to the…

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Using Native Incoming Call UI for your React Native App (How I Wrote My First Native Module)

March 17, 2021Francisco Costa8 min read

Laptop with Code

A story about my struggles implementing native call display functionality and how this led me to writting my own native module for android. Suitable for developers who are interested in how to get started with native modules for android within React Native or implementing native UI for incoming…

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