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Articles from Aurélien Le Masson

Github Actions on the test rig

December 26, 2019Aurélien Le MassonIvan Poiraudeau4 min read

GitHub Actions logo

As of November 13, 2019, GitHub Actions became publicly available. We have tested the automation solution from GitHub, often sold as a new CI/CD pipeline alternative. Let's see how it fares compared to its competitors, and whether you should switch to it. 1. What GitHub Actions brings to the table A…

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What I learned from the CI of Facebook and their Open Source Projects

October 05, 2018Aurélien Le Masson6 min read

Stop wasting your time on tasks your CI could do for you. Find 4 tips on how to better use your CI in order to focus on what matters - and what you love: code. Let's face it: as a developer, a huge part of the value you create is your code. Note: Some of these tips use the GitHub / CircleCI combo…

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