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Articles from Antoine Toubhans

Do not Forget to Cover your Import Scripts with Tests!

November 22, 2016Antoine Toubhans3 min read

A major issue during my last project was regressions in production occurring twice a week. The PO felt anxious, and the project was in danger, even though the team was reactive and able to quickly fix regressions. Why so many regressions? A good explanation could be the lack of tests. However, both…

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The Virtue of Laziness

October 13, 2016Antoine Toubhans3 min read

The fable When I joined the e-annuaire project, the team used to spend half a man-day per sprint writing documentation for the end-user support (EUS). When it was my turn, I screwed my courage to the sticking place and opened the Google doc: Bunches of screenshots of the app, where overlaid yellow…

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