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Articles from Alexandre Blondin

Choose the NodeJS Framework that Best Suits Your Needs

March 21, 2019Alexandre Blondin5 min read

This article explains how we chose our NodeJS framework at Theodo. Among others, we focused on ExpressJS, KoaJS, NestJS, MeteorJS, and SailsJS. Some context At Theodo, we have been working for a long time with API Platform and Django and they provided us with everything we needed. We also turned to…

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The Day Words Became Vectors

September 28, 2017Alexandre Blondin5 min read

What is word vectorization? Word vectorization refers to a set of techniques that aims at extracting information from a text corpus and associating to each one of its word a vector. For example, we could associate the vector (1, 4, -3, 2) to the word king. This value is computed thanks to an…

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